spring break

Yet another spring break week has come and gone and I scarcely understand how it's possible it happened so quickly. (I'm willing to bet that I am not alone on this!)

My goal for spring break was simply to touch some amount of Luganda every day. The first half of the week I spent in Madison, working on a smattering of papers and projects and African Studies Program related work, and the second half I spent in Chicago visiting friends and helping out after the birth of a new baby (who found himself in the hospital for several extra days and caused a bit of stress for all of us... but he is doing better and should be released tomorrow!). Given all of that, I mostly just hoped to do a little bit of work every day. And I easily achieved this goal!

On Monday, I actually met with Simon for our regularly-scheduled lesson, which was nice. We worked on a couple more proverbs, which I'm happy to add to my mix and which I've been studying ever since.

The rest of the week, I did various things to achieve my goal, including a lot of Quizlet, some texting/whatsapp voice messaging with friends, reading the newspaper, and also chatting on the phone with another Luganda language learner that Katrina put me in touch with.

While I did not make major leaps forward in my Luganda work this spring break, I at least feel like I maintained a connection to the language and made an attempt at relaxing, re-centering, and letting go of some stress, all of which I feel good about!

A quick note on the week prior, since we didn't report on it due to the break. The week was not the most successful one - I did not reach my Omuzannyo goal. I think probably due to the proximity of the break and mounting stressors, I laid off on doing much intensive Luganda work towards the end of the week. I still did meet with Simon twice, as usual, and did some lesson work, Quizlet practice, listening practice, and reading. But the fact that the last two weeks have been on the lighter side makes me want to attack this coming week with a bit more fervor. As always, I'll let you know how it goes!


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