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a tricky week

This past week was a tricky one in terms of making sure my Luganda study got the attention it deserved. In the end, it did, but I really had to force it, rework my schedule, be disciplined, and prioritize. In the long run this may lead me to not getting enough sleep... but I guess we'll just see about that when we get there. However, my determination this week, to be better about making sure I got some significant time in with my language study, paid off. My studying was a bit uneven (some days I only did some vocabulary work using Quizlet's long-term learning feature, other days I spent hours on multiple activities), but at least it got the job done. Since I fell a little behind on the long-term learning work over the break I have a backlog of words to get to, and so I have been trying to catch back up with that. I spent time on this on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. On Thursday I spent several hours working on a couple of things. First, I finally started to


This past week has been a reset of my Luganda learning activities. First weeks of school are always a little strange - trying to figure out the rhythms of a new schedule, making decisions about to organize time, resetting habits. All of those things were a major part of my week, and had an impact on my Luganda studies. First of all, in order to figure out what would work best with my schedule, I did not meet with my language mentor during the week. (Unfortunately, we were supposed to begin our lessons today, but the internet cafe where he was had Skype problems, so we were not able to meet today, either. I am disappointed to miss the time with him right when I want to be ramping up, but there is not much I can do. We'll be meeting this coming Wednesday, and hopefully later in the week as well.) Secondly, I spent time planning and re-envisioning my ISP, working to reset it thoughtfully and in line with my goals. Of course, the time I set aside for ISP development was time I was