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kulikayo (welcome back)

Kulikayo ssetendekero! (Welcome back to university!) Feel free to read this blog post while listening to this little ditty , titled Kulikayo mwami (Welcome back husband). After taking a nice step away from schoolwork over the break, I was energized last week to dive back into what will be my final semester of coursework (yay!). Of course, "normal" for me is also chaotic and inconsistent, and last week was no different. After two normal days on Tuesday and Wednesday, I flew to Atlanta Thursday for a conference. I knew that the conference would put a wrench in my study schedule, especially at the beginning of the semester before I'd reassessed my goals and plans for the semester. In light of this, I decided to have the goal of simply doing some Luganda every day of the week, allowing me time to plan as well as to focus on my conference attendance. I was successful in that goal - I managed to do at least a little something every single day. Tuesday : Planning, watche