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wo wo wo!

WOW. How fast time flies. I cannot believe that it's May, that this is our last week, that I've somehow made it through this crazy semester. The feeling of wow! (or, the Luganda version, wo wo wo! ) is overwhelming me as I think back on the past year and the past semester. I feel that I've traversed quite a distance. Looking back on my first blog post of the year , I was energized and still deeply affected by the experience of summer study in Kampala. I think I was largely able to harness that energy and build on it in order to keep my motivation high all year long, though of course there were low points. This year I was able to expand my learning activities in some interesting ways, and I was more disciplined about spending time on language study. I spent many hours on Skype talking with my language mentor, and I used my friend networks for practice - a lot. I expanded my vocabulary and improved my reading and listening skills. And I deepened my commitment to Luganda- I