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Back at it!

After several weeks of vacation, this past week I was fully back to my Luganda study. At the end of the fall semester, I made the decision to really take time off from my study. I knew I would be traveling quite a bit over the winter break, and I didn't want to set an expectation for myself that was unrealistic. So I took advantage of the weeks off, and recharged. Coming back to Luganda after several weeks away was a little bit daunting. I was worried that getting back into the rhythm I'd established in the fall would be difficult, and that I had forgotten vocabulary and other grammatical concepts.  Indeed, during the first week it was hard to find time, and hard to figure out where to begin. With a new, completely different, schedule, my weekly rhythm was hard to find. I worked around the edges a bit, but I didn't dive in to intensive studying. During my first session with my mentor, I definitely felt the effects of time away. I had a hard time recalling some wo