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(Not) The End

How time has flown! I can't believe it's the end of the term already. Though I've been very cognizant of my progress over the past 15 weeks, it is still somewhat shocking to go back to Week One and remember where I started. I re-read my very first blog post and was reminded that I knew N-O-T-H-I-N-G when I started. It's helpful to remember this when I get frustrated with things that aren't sticking. Remember Lauren, at one point you didn't know that verbs start with oku-. You'll figure this out too, eventually.  This semester's progress will probably feel the most satisfying compared to future semesters. After all, when you start at zero, every gain seems relatively huge, because it is. And so, I'm on to the next chapter, where I'm no longer a beginning-beginner, but just a regular old beginner. I am optimistic about my learning next semester, but I'm also cognizant that the work will probably feel a little harder. I'll be moving on t

Truly independent learning

Throughout this course, we've learned about how to empower ourselves to take control of our own learning. I've been feeling myself take ownership for my language learning by setting its direction, keeping myself motivated, and seeking out unorthodox methods of learning and problem-solving. It's been a weeks-long mindset shift, and I feel more confident than ever about my ability to learn independently. BUT. It's all been within the context of class, and to some extent, in keeping up with assignments and expectations of class. I can't deny that extrinsic factors are motivational! What's going to happen in the coming month or so, when I'm on vacation, and off the hook? I worry about this a little. I have a tendency to completely unplug when it's "time." In case you, my classmates, haven't noticed, I seem to really need breaks and downtime in order to make the most of my on-time. (Thus, weekends!) This is where the rubber really meets the