nose to the grindstone

This past week didn't feel exemplary to me, just another week of trying to keep focused on getting high-quality Luganda practice in. This task was made a bit harder because Simon was unavailable for our normal Monday meeting (he got stuck in the village post-Easter because of bad rain), and I had to cancel on Friday for the African Studies Conference. So, unfortunately, last week included no conversation practice.

I spent time on a number of other activities to make up for it. I put particular emphasis on getting through lesson work, since I was a week behind according to my ISP. I also tried to work really hard on my vocabulary practice, since I have a ways to go to meet my goal for the semester in terms of the number of words that I "Know Well."

My time is increasingly precious in these next couple weeks, between the African Studies event I'm organizing for 350ish high school students (ahhh!) and other important work I need to finish for classes, so it's going to be increasingly important for me to stick to my systems in order to make sure Luganda doesn't get dropped in the chaos. This will most certainly be the most intense of my academic year, so I'm just trying to push through it!

Here is what the week looked like overall:
Monday: 2 hours listening to music, extensive text conversation with a friend, 150 Quizlet words, watched 1 video
Tuesday: 30 minutes lesson work, read 1 Bukedde article, 100 Quizlet words
Wednesday: 20 minutes deep listening, 1 hour lesson work, 30 minutes radio, 50 Quizlet words, texting friends
Thursday: 20 minutes deep listening, 1 hour lesson work, 200 Quizlet words
Friday: 50 Quizlet words, texting
Saturday: 50 Quizlet words
Sunday: Read 1 Bukedde article, watched 15 minutes of video, 1 hour of lesson work, and 150 Quizlet words

This morning I was able to have my normal lesson with Simon and I did feel a bit rusty after a week and a half without conversation! The week ahead should be back to normal, and I know I'll be better for it. Until next week!


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