pride goeth...

I had a sense that my feelings of excitement and accomplishment from last week might haunt me this week. After writing last week's post while airborne, things quickly started going downhill. We didn't end up getting home til 2:00 AM and so I realized pretty quickly that my 8:00 AM lesson was probably not going to happen. I texted Simon and we cancelled for Monday and planned to just meet on Wednesday instead.

I tried to make up for the lack of a lesson as best I could throughout the week, and certainly made my best attempt. But between missing out on a lesson and my weekend spent hosting people, it was not my best week. BUT - not my worst either! I still managed to get a decent amount done, when I look over my week's activities. Not enough to meet my Omuzannyo goal, though.

I did manage to do some Luganda every day, even while hosting guests. I have learned the art of doing Quizlet Long-Term Learning in the morning before I'm out of my bedroom. It's a great way to at least get a little bit of work in before getting pulled into socializing, and it worked well for me both days this weekend.

One activity that has been really working well for me is the deep listening that I've been doing on my phone app. Most mornings I listen to Akaboozi on the bus ride into campus, and I am finding that I'm gleaning more and more out of their conversations. On Thursday evening I drove to Milwaukee to pick up my visitors and I listened to Akaboozi the whole way. It was night in Uganda, so the station was playing more music than it usually does. Still, it was a great way to get an uninterrupted hour and a half of listening practice in! Tonight, as I was listening to Radio Simba while doing some other work, I realized just how much my listening has improved since the early days of only catching a word here or there. 

This is what the sum total of my week looked like:
Monday: 1.5 hours listening to music, read one Bukedde article
Tuesday: 1 hour listening to the radio, 15 minutes of deep listening, 10 minutes of Quizlet games, texting friends, read one Bukedde article
Wednesday: 1 hour session with Simon, 15 minutes deep listening, watched 1 music video
Thursday: 30 minutes of lesson work, 1 hour of radio, 30 minutes deep listening, texting with friends
Friday: 200 words on Quizlet long-term learning, chatting with a new acquaintance on campus (he grew up in Uganda but speaks several of the other languages better than Luganda... still fun to have met someone new with whom to share the language!)
Saturday: 50 Quizlet words, texting with a friend
Sunday: 30 minutes of lesson work, 1.5 hours listening to the radio, 100 Quizlet words, texting friends

Looking ahead to what should be a "normal" week, I have a couple new activities I want to do. I'm hoping to start to think more carefully about my pronunciation and fluency and am thinking I'll try to do some work on that over the course of the coming week. Additionally, my notes, etc. have gotten pretty disorganized and I could stand to take a step back and reorganize my Luganda life, including updating my Quizlet lists and ensuring that mistakes I've noticed in my flashcards get corrected. I think the coming week will be a good one and I'm looking forward to a little bit more stability and a little bit more time to re-center myself with regards to my Luganda study.


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