old trials, new trials

This week, my Luganda studies were a blend of old and new. I revisited some places of challenge from my past and also ventured into new territory.

old trials
This is the first week this school year that I had a day where I didn't touch Luganda at all. This weekend I was away at my college reunion, and got pretty swept up visiting with old friends and reliving the glory days. Though I did manage to get some Luganda despite being really busy on both Friday and Sunday, Saturday was a loss. Especially with my increased Omuzannyo point goal, losing a whole day like that really sets me back! And is reminiscent of a challenge I faced at the beginning of my studies, when I had a really hard time ensuring that I did daily work on Luganda. I've worked really hard to normalize daily study, so now when I miss a day, I feel pretty guilty about it.

I'm about to have two more really busy weekends in a row, as I'm wont to do, so I need to actively work to not let this happen again in the coming weeks.

new trials
This was the first week of trying a dual lesson via Skype with Simon and Kevin. It went pretty well - Simon had us translating newspaper articles and sharing our translations paragraph by paragraph. It was like an abbreviated version of our summer sessions, which is a good thing since those sessions were so helpful! After our session officially ended, Kevin and I chatted for a bit about resources that we are using and ways to make our lessons as useful as possible. The plan is to have Simon give us homework each week, and to use the lesson time to go over it. We are also exploring how we might both collaborate on Quizlet in ways that are helpful - so if anyone has experience with collaboration using Quizlet, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

The week apart from that was fairly uneventful. Here is the rundown:
Monday: 1 hour language mentorship, 30 minutes of radio, texting with friends, 50 Quizlet words
Tuesday:  40 minutes Quizlet practice, read 1 Bukedde article, 10 minutes of deep listening
Wednesday: 1 hour language mentorship (with Kevin!), 15 minutes deep listening
Thursday: Watched 5 minute news clip, 100 words of Quizlet long-term learning
Friday: 100 words of Quizlet long-term learning
Saturday: :( 
Sunday: 1.5 hours of lesson work, 2 hours of radio

The week ahead looks like it'll be another tough one with several special events during the week and weekend wedding travel. My plan is to sit down and be more deliberate than I usually need to be to set aside daily Luganda work in my schedule. Wish me luck!


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