what a better week looks like

Last week I documented a bad week of Luganda study, in the hopes that this week would be better. And better it was! I more than reached my weekly point goal, earning 74 points total, and kept up with my studies even though I spent the weekend in Chicago visiting friends.

So, what does a better week look like?

Monday: 1 hour of exercise work, an hour and a half of listening to the radio, and Quizlet long-term learning. My mentor had to cancel our lesson today because he was having connection problems.

Tuesday: A half-hour of Luganda exercises, an hour of conversation with my language mentor, and Quizlet long-term learning.

Wednesday: Trying out a new activity using a physical copy of a newspaper, highlighting what I understand and adding new vocabulary from what is missing. Luganda radio and Quizlet long-term learning.

Thursday: Using the same method I tried the day before, the newspaper activity. A couple Whatsapps back and forth with a friend. Luganda long-term learning. Read two Bukedde articles.

Friday: Quizlet long-term learning.

Saturday: Quizlet long-term learning.

Sunday: Quizlet long-term learning, listen to Luganda music, explain a grammatical concept to a friend, exchange some Whatsapp messages in Luganda, read two Bukedde articles.

Are there any lessons to be learned in comparing the two weeks?

Well, one thing that becomes clear is how Quizlet's long-term learning tool has become something I can rely on to keep me connected to the language every day.

Another thing that stands out to me is that I really need to have at least 3 or 4 focused activities (this week's activities were completing written exercises and doing close newspaper reading) in addition to my mentorship time and the less-intensive ways I learn Luganda daily. Making time for those sessions is critical to my success.

Finally, I see evidence that my need for variety and flexibility can be managed and even harnessed to deepen my learning.

Looking ahead to Thanksgiving week, I know that my week will be a bit tough again. Not only will I be doing Thanksgiving with my husband's family and traveling and visiting quite a bit, but unfortunately my mentor had to miss our session again this morning. Weeks where we don't meet are always disappointing because of how central they are to my learning process, but c'est la vie! (I should see if there is a Luganda proverb that contains a similar meaning. :))

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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