can't win 'em all

Ugh, this week.

I came down with some illness on Sunday, got hit hard Monday, and have spent the entire rest of the week trying to get better. Every time I've felt like I was over it, the next day I felt terrible again.

Enough complaining, but all of that is to say that I had a bad week for Luganda study (well, for any and all study). Since the semester thus far has been pretty successful, I'm not worried overall, though I am ready to start feeling better and get back to it.

Because I was sick all week, what I did manage to do was pretty limited/passive. I put in some time listening to a podcast and watching the Jesus movie. I had to cancel one of my sessions with Simon but was able to meet with him on Friday.

One thing that I did manage to do was to keep with my goal of doing some work every day, even though I didn't feel well. So that's one win!

Here is how it all broke down:
Monday: 30 minutes listening to a podcast
Tuesday: 1 hour of lesson work
Wednesday: 25 minutes of Quizlet proverbs practice
Thursday: Email to a friend, 30 minutes watching the Jesus video
Friday: Lesson with Simon
Saturday: 100 Quizlet words
Sunday: 1 hour of lesson work

Looking ahead to next week, I'm going to do my best to catch up since I'm behind schedule. I'm still not feeling great, so I am a little worried about my ability to do that, but I'll do my very best! To a better week. :)


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