I spent most of my Thanksgiving break either hosting family for the big feast or taking a bit of a step back and recharging my batteries for the final couple weeks of class.

I really value down-time and see it as critical for sanity and success. Since this semester's been so busy, especially over weekends, I really have had very little time to disconnect. I used this break as my opportunity to do just that!

My one goal for the week was to be sure to touch some of my Luganda work every day. I let myself off the hook for earning 80 Omuzannyo points, but I didn't want to take a day without engaging with Luganda in some way.

My success this week, then, was threefold: 1) I successfully took a step back from things and rested; 2) I successfully studied a bit of Luganda every day; 3) These successes lead me to feel energized and excited to be back at work this week. Most important to me is that third piece, especially since the burnout was pretty imminent last week. Now I feel like I can really dive back in for all that is yet to be done.

There were two times when this energy was apparent to me this past week. First was on Saturday, when I decided to do a round of Quizlet words. I found myself not wanting to stop! Second was this morning, when I had my session with Simon. I felt fresh and the whole lesson just felt good. It didn't hurt that at the end, Simon informed me that "next year" I will be known as Nnakinku wa Okwogera, or the "Star of Speaking Luganda in America." Unclear who holds this title now, but Simon seems optimistic that I will soon be good enough to hold it myself. :)

In terms of my week, here's what I was up to:
Monday: 1 hour with Simon, texting with friends
Tuesday: Read a Bukedde article, texting with friends
Wednesday: Read 2 Bukedde articles
Thursday: Quizlet
Friday: Quizlet
Saturday: Quizlet
Sunday: Several extensive text conversations, read a Bukedde article, some translation of Mujje Tusome Luganda in preparation for Monday's meeting with Simon

I'm looking forward to finishing out this semester strong! I am curious to see how my progress will look when measured by my assessment tool, and if this feeling is just a feeling or an indicator of real progress (and, sleep. It's probably sleep.).


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