"winning" omuzannyo

After my lackluster efforts last week, I wanted to make sure that this week was a success. And, thanks to Omuzannyo, I was able to make it so!

This semester, my schedule is quite busy during the first part of the week, so it was hard for me to put much time into studying during the beginning of the week. I did manage to do a little bit of work every day, but I wasn't able to dedicate much time until Thursday. By the time the weekend started, however, I still was well short of my Omuzannyo goal of 70 points. Which is exactly when Omuzannyo came in to save the day. I knew I had to reach the goal this week. So I put more time in on Saturday and Sunday than I normally would have, doing several more intense activities than I truly felt like doing, to reach the goal. And reach it I did - hitting 70 points on Sunday night!

Here were my activities for the week:

Tuesday: Listened to the radio, texted with friends
Wednesday: Quizlet long-term-learning
Thursday: Read grammar book for 45 minutes, 1 hour of lesson work
Friday: 2 hours with my language mentor
Saturday: 30 minutes of lesson work, 1 Bukedde article, Quizlet, and radio
Sunday: Radio, 250 Quizlet words, and 3 Bukedde articles
Monday: 150 Quizlet words

This is not the first week that having my Omuzannyo goal has really helped me put in the time I need, but it did make me reflect on how well Omuzannyo has worked for me. Since I've tracked my Omuzannyo points since I started studying Luganda, I can see trends across time pretty easily. One thing that's apparent is how much better I've gotten at reaching my goal. For example, this semester, I have reached my goal 9/13 weeks (about 69%). Last semester, I reached my goal 6/14 weeks (about 43%). Comparing this year to last year, I'm doing much better; I only reached my goal 4 weeks last year!

As we reach the end of the semester, I want to start thinking about how Omuzannyo can be integrated into my summer study, and also begin to come up with ways to tweak it for next school year.

Regardless of how it changes in the future, I know that Omuzannyo been a great tool in my studies. And for that reason, I think I'm winning at it! ;)


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