If I were to sum up both the last week of my life and the last week of Luganda study, the word I'd use would be recovery.

I woke up on Tuesday feeling miserable,  though the night before I'd felt fine. I ended up being totally out commission that day, a little better but still stuck in bed on Wednesday, and up but feeling crappy on Thursday. This timing was particularly bad as I was working hard to get ahead on some work in anticipation of a lot of assignments due this week. In addition to feeling sick, I also felt quite stressed about getting everything done.

Along with my other studies, my Luganda took a hit while I was sick. I did nothing on Tuesday, and had to cancel my meeting with Simon on Wednesday. By Wednesday night I felt like all hope had been lost in terms of me completing my 70 Omuzannyo points for the week.

But, as my body recovered, my Luganda did as well. Somehow, between an intensive session watching videos, some lesson work in preparation for my discussion with Simon, a couple of messages sent to friends, continued Quizlet work, and the creation of a new page for my website, I reached my goal. Actually - I well overshot it, with 77 total points!

Here's how that broke down:
Tuesday: Not a thing. :(
Wednesday: 100 words in Quizlet (an attempt to at least put in a little work), Whatsapp messages to a friend.
Thursday: 30 minutes of the Jesus film, re-watching each section several times (both slow-mo and normal speed), read 1 Bukedde article, and watched 1 video from the Yiga Oluganda website.
Friday: 30 minutes of lesson work, 1 hour lesson with Simon.
Saturday: Quizlet, sent an email to a friend, Whatsapp messages to a friend.
Sunday: Listened to the radio for an hour, Quizlet, developed a new explanatory page for Tusoma Luganda.
Monday: Read 1 Bukedde article, Quizlet, developed a new worksheet for Tusoma Luganda.

I'm very happy that I was able to recover my Luganda study. Seriously, on Wednesday I was having horrifying visions of reporting only 20 points to the class.

Yesterday while driving, I took inspiration from Sarah's urging to "never stop listening!" and had great success listening to the radio while driving back and forth from the airport. I definitely plan to do more of that.

Following Luganda-language properties on social media is also starting to pay off. I can frequently read the text of Facebook posts or tweets, which is fun. Having Luganda articles integrated with the rest of my stuff causes me to click through and read things even when I wasn't planning to set aside time to study. Additionally, today I found a comedy series on Youtube through Facebook, similar to what Regina's been watching. I'm looking forward to giving it a try. Hopefully I have as much success as Regina has had!

Looking ahead to next week, my plan is to just keep up with Quizlet as it will be spring break. Unfortunately for me, I have no exciting plans, and I need to write a paper and ideally will focus all of my attention to it. So I'm setting the expectation with myself that it will be somewhat of a break from Luganda, but that I will keep up with vocabulary practice.


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